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Dental Examination / Scaling and Polishing, only HK$198

*Originally HK$680

We Complete Your Health

Other than physical and mental wellbeing, oral health is equally important and should be kept in check. Because when oral health becomes a problem, it affects not only communication and ingestion, if neglected it could cause inflammation and damage to other bodily functions. This is why MixCare is launching the Free “MixCare Dental Plan” to tackle this, and it only costs HK$198 for quality oral examination and scaling & polishing services.

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What is MixCare Health?

* The mobile app will be launched soon

MixCare Outpatient & Wellness Service

We offer affordable and accessible outpatient service to the underserved population such as SME employees, freelancers and their family members.

* MixCare Health is not an insurance product

1000 + Doctors and Clinics

including GP, SP, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractor and Physiotherapy.

Fit for SME employees, freelancers and their family members

Mixcare health helps to improve the healthness of employees and increase the productivity

MixCare Health is Flexible

No minimum, no commitment and easy to sign up.

Transparent Pricing

All outpatient and wellness services* fees are clearly listed with no hidden charges*.

Our Medical & Healthcare Network

Outpatient & Wellness Service Fees

Up to 70% off! No Hidden Charge

Service Price Avg. Discount
* Compare with walk-in price
General Practitioners * inclusive of 3 days basic medication HK$195 56% off
Specialist Practitioners  * inclusive of 4 days basic medication HK$480 40% off
Physiotherapy Treatment
* per session per region
HK$300 70% off
Chinese Herbalist
* inclusive of 2 days basic medication
HK$180 40% off
* per session per region
HK$250 25% off
* per session per region
HK$450 38% off
* per session per region
HK$280 30% off
Dental Check-up / Dental Cleaning 
* once a year
HK$198 70% off
Service Price Avg. Discount
* Compare with walk-in
Psychotherapy 10% off 10% off
Nutritionist Consultant HK$560 30% off
Nutrition Coach HK$450 43% off
Music Therapy HK$480 20% off
Service Price Avg. Discount
* Compare with walk-in
Personal Fitness Trainer HK$350 up 41% off
Fitness Class 10% - 20% off

MixCare Health Service plan