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Open API, extendable backend infrastructure and provision of 1,300+ medical and wellness services in Hong Kong

Personalized Health Services & Digital Transformation

It is imperative!

In recent years, many insurance companies have actively launched different personalized health services for their customers. They can increase customer understanding of health status and risk, improve brand loyalty, strengthen interaction with customers, and provide more personalized insurance products to increase conversion rates.

How We Can Help?


Over 500+ Medical & Wellness Services for launching exclusive “Micro Insurance Products”

Reduce product development time and cost

Support API integration; just design the user interface to greatly reduce development time and cost

Reduce the risk of insurance policy claims

Promote medical and health services to improve customer health awareness and reduce the risk of diseases

Know your customer

MixCare Health can provide customer health and usage data to learn more customer health, in order to offer suitable insurance products

Develop customer groups

With MixCare health services, we can classify and expand your customer groups

 Brand loyalty

Creating health activities to raise customer awareness, participation and loyalty

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Our Clients

Function of MixCare Health

An easy operation which can be activated without system docking.

Easy and instant activation of MixCare Health service helps to design your insurance product.

Health data from 30,000 users

Providing a health test to understand potential health risk for users, whose data would be protected and processed anonymously.

Real-time user service data

Real-time data helps monitor medical data and analyse health risks to reduce medical costs and make flexible health management plans.

More than 1,000+ panel doctors with 300+ medical services

1,000+ panel doctors over Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. Operation is easy and completed simply by showing the MixCare e-medical card. CSV, PDF and JSON formats are supported which can be downloaded and used anytime. The reservation function is available for making an appointment to see doctors.


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