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MixCare Outpatient & Wellness Service

We offer affordable and accessible outpatient service to the underserved population such as SME employees, freelancers and their family members.

* MixCare Health is not an insurance product

1000 + Doctors and Clinics

including GP, SP, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractor and Physiotherapy.

Fit for SME employees, freelancers and their family members

MixCare Health helps to improve the health of employees and increase productivity

MixCare Health is Flexible

No minimum, no commitment and easy to sign up.

Transparent Pricing

All outpatient and wellness service* fees are clearly listed with no hidden charges*.

Our Medical & Healthcare Network

Outpatient & Wellness Service Fees

Up to 70% off! No Hidden Charge
Service Price Avg. Discount * Compare with walk-in price
General Practitioners * inclusive of 3 days basic medication HK$210 56% off
Specialist Practitioners  * inclusive of 4 days basic medication HK$500 40% off
Physiotherapy Treatment * per session per region HK$330 70% off
Chinese Herbalist * inclusive of 2 days basic medication HK$190 40% off
Bonesetter * per session per region HK$270 25% off
Chiropractor * per session per region HK$480 38% off
Acupuncture * per session per region HK$300 30% off
Dental Check-up / Dental Cleaning * once a year HK$250 up 70% off
Service Price Avg. Discount * Compare with walk-in price
Psychotherapy 10% off 10% off
Nutritionist Consultant HK$560 30% off
Nutrition Coach HK$450 43% off
Music Therapy HK$480 20% off
Service Price Avg. Discount * Compare with walk-in price
Personal Fitness Trainer HK$350 up 41% off
Fitness Class 10% - 20% off

Clinic & Service Center Distribution

Central and Western District16Yau Tsim Mong District58
Kowloon City District22Sham Shui Po District19
Yuen Long District46Wan Chai District21
North District28Tsuen Wan District20
Southern District6Kwai Ching District32
Taipo District10Sai Kung District24
Tuen Mun District36Kwun Tong District33
Eastern District32Island District8
Shatin District31Wong Tai Sin District20
Central and Western District 9 Sham Shui Po District 5
Kowloon City District 2 Wan Chai District 5
Yuen Long District 2 Tsuen Wan District 6
Tuen Mun District 1 Kwai Ching District 4
Eastern District 13 Sai Kung District 2
Shatin District 2 Kwun Tong District 14
Yau Tsim Mong District 12 Wong Tai Sin District 1
Central and Western District 57 Yau Tsim Mong District 188
Kowloon City District 7 Sham Shui Po District 3
Yuen Long District 14 Wan Chai District 39
North District 8 Tsuen Wan District 20
Taipo District 2 Kwai Ching District 3
Tuen Mun District 14 Sai Kung District 21
Eastern District 19 Kwun Tong District 32
Shatin District 36 Wong Tai Sin District 2
Yau Tsim Mong District 2
Tuen Mun District 2
Kowloon City District 1
Eastern District 1

Why MixCare Health?

.We’re not insurance!

Simple setup steps!

Pricing up to 70% off!

1,000 + doctors & clinics!

.Transparent pricing with no hidden charges!

Why MixCare ?

.We’re not selling an insurance product!

. MixCare Health is simple!

Affordable Pricing!

1000 + doctors & clinics in Hong Kong, pricing up to 70% off!

. Transparent pricing,NO Hidden Fee!

MixCare Health is Simple!

Easy registration in 4 steps

MixCare Health Service plan

Our Clients


Who is entitled to join MixCare Health?

Anyone (Age 0-99) plus dependents are eligible to join the scheme.

Will there any extra cost to be borne by the MixCare member?

For each consultation, you are required to pay for the co-payment. If you are going to receive treatment or medications outside the scope above, you have to bear the cost and settle it with the health provider.

How many visits can I have for different types of consultation each day?

Members can visit general medical practitioners, specialists, Chinese medicine practitioners and physiotherapists one time each per day.

Can I terminate the membership before it expires?

The membership has to be continued until the membership end date, as the annual fee is non-refundable.

The range of family members includes?

Family members are defined as immediate family. Immediate family refers to a person's smallest family unit, consisting of the closest relatives, such as parents, siblings, and children.

Is it an insurance plan?

It is not insurance. You can see it as a medical discount card to give an exclusive rate for you to enjoy a medical consultation.

What should I do if I have lost my E-medical card?

Please email cs@mixreward.com by the email you bought MixCare. Also, provide your ID Card, full name and phone number so we can check and follow up. Please note that you must use the same email which you used to buy MixCare at first as we would only send you a new E-medical card to the email you used when buying MixCare.

How do I prove that he or she is my immediate family?

For MixCare, we don't need any proof to identify the relationship between employee and employee’s family members. However, medical service providers may check by themselves. Applicants have to bear the responsibility and consequence of providing fake information including cancellation of the MixCare membership and all the medical service provided by MixCare.