What workouts will look like this year: Fitness trends for 2021

The fitness industry may have taken a big hit in 2020, but home fitness flourished. Here’s what we can expect from workouts this year with experts predicting these to be the fitness trends to follow in 2021.

The fact that people are getting less caught up in cookie-cutter ideals and more in tuned with their own specific needs. After all, wellness boils down to feeling good, and we’ll need all the endorphin boost we can get to take on the brand new year. 

Cellular fitness

The goal then, is to build an exercise routine around this personalised physiological result, which should ultimately encourage you to muster that extra rep with the knowledge that it wouldn’t place any unnecessary stress on your body that may eventually lead to chronic inflammation, wear and tear, and a weakened immunity. 

Really listening to your body

Intuitive eating makes you the expert of your body and its hunger signals by rejecting the diet mentality fully, allowing you to let go of the guilt associated with eating. Besides better psychological health in the long run, it should give you a deeper understanding of your body and how to better respect and honour it with the food you choose.

Source: Lifestyle Asia

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