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Show the people who are concerned about the most popular one-stop healthcare solution and product out there, while accelerating your business and developing it online. 
We’ve created a professional platform to
help grow your business with us.
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Who should join us?

Companies or individuals who are concerned about wellness, including world-class brands,
fitness studios, startups and enterprise grade companies work with us as a wellness provider.


A leader of
wellness industry


You are an entrepreneur whose visitors will follow your teaching and suggestions on the path to become a wellness professionist.


Small & Medium enterprises



SMEs who are interested in making wellness as part of their growing business.




Large Enterprises & Corporates



Large enterprises wanted to build life long customer relationships or add wellness as a benefit to your business.

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MORE WAYS to become wellness providers


If you want to develop a new path and find a different way to cooperate with MixCare Health,
we will be happy to hear from you.

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Solution Partner

Add value to your company with healthcare solutions.

Partnering with MixCare Health is the easiest way to let businesses or the public pay attention to your wellness service. Whether you have an e-commerce platform, fitness club or retail brand, partnering with MixCare Health helps you create new sources of income and expand.

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“HMMP has been a long-time partner with MixCare Health,

from the medical cooperation to the marketing plan,

they were very supportive from the beginning.

We are very happy to work with this wellness professionist,

they are experts in medical care and wellness!”

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‍Program Manager @HMMP

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Vendors Enrolled


Wellness providers


Potential MixCare Members

Why join us?

The MixCare Health Wellness providers platform is created to assist
you to find potential customers, provide exclusive health and wellness service for your customers and grow new sources of profits easier.
Find more potential customers 
across different touch points
in their wellness service journey.
One-stop health-tech concept
‍‍We have centralized the most professional
wellness providers to help you attract
more potential customers and
grow your business more efficiently.
Exclusive offer
Access special health and wellness offers provided
by our wellness providers to achieve value-added
products to potential customers.
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