How music could boost your productivity when WFH

With working from home becoming the upcoming trend for 2021 and years to come, a recent study have shown that listening to music could improve your productivity at home. It is also crucial to listen to the right type of music because the wrong type could possibly slow you down. The general guideline is don’t listen to music with lyrics, rather complicated sounds, or other music that don’t normally appear on your playlist. The following 5 types of music are approved and would help you with your working experience at Home.

  1. Classical Music – You can try listening to Bach, Vivaldi or Handel as it has been proven to help increase concentration during work.
  2. Nature Music – Soothing sounds, such as flowing water, rainfall, and rustling leaves, work well, while jarring noises such as birdcalls and animal noises can be distracting.
  3. Epic Music – Epic music were composed to make you achieve big, pop on some Hans Zimmer if you need extra motivation.
  4. Video Game Music – Video Game Music were composed to enhance the overall gaming experience, to make you more concentrated. Start with The Halo Soundtrack or the SimCity Soundtrack.
  5. Ambient Sound Tracks – Ambient music is effective for those difficult work moments, so that you can push through your work and stay sane in the process.

Meditation music, Jazz and blues work as well. If all of these don’t work, always remember that silence, is also golden.

Source: Inc.

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