Cost-effective, Data-driven and Holistic Employee Benefit Solution amid Covid-19

Current employee benefits are inflexible and underutilized

The Covid-19 crisis has hit companies with new challenges in building cost-effective employee benefits. Companies are looking for cost-cutting alternatives but at the same time need to manage employees’ expectations as well. A huge cut in benefit would trigger employee dissatisfaction and eventually demotivate them. It also doesn’t help when HR professionals have limited options when they redesign and source for personalized employee benefit.

Today, employers have to pay a huge lump-sum premium upfront to insurance providers for underutilized service such as critical illness, personal accident and inpatient. At the same time, they are overcharged for outpatient service plans that are seldomly put to use. Indeed, medical group data found that millennials do not visit the doctors frequently and create a huge budget wastage to the company. Instead, they prefer to use budget to enjoy other wellness services such as massage, yoga, and personal fitness class. Business owners and HR professionals are aware of the importance of wellness to keep employees engaged and physically healthy, but would be hard to justify when it comes with budget and operation.

Spend less to achieve better holistic health

“The pandemic has provided an opportunity for us to rethink and reimagine health plans beyond just buying insurance” by Renee McGowan, CEO of Mercer Asia

The Founders of MixCare Health feel the same pain as other business owners and are here to help. We’re a one-stop healthtech SaaS solution to keep both your physical and mental wellbeing in check. It all started when we identified the frustration with our local healthcare services, it is not cost-efficient and not personalized. With the power of MixCare Health App, employees pay only what you need at a up to 70% discounted off and transparent fee directly to our 1000+ selective healthcare professionals (including General Practitioner, Specialist, Dental, Physiotherapy, Chinese Doctors) as opposed to paying a huge upfront premium for medical insurance without fully utilizing it. With the similar coverage to employees, companies are able to save at an avg. of 20% of the total employee benefit cost.  Also, being an individual, if you are not satisfied with MixCare Health service, you are able to cancel our service without any questions.

Preventive care is also another big focus of MixCare Health. In addition to medical services, we take an extra step to cover your wellbeing with services such as mental care, fitness and dietary consultations, and caregiving services. You can simply pick your favorite gym and health coach near your home and office right at your fingertips. To minimize your budget, you do not have to commit multiple years of contract for a particular gym whereas you are able to access 100+ gyms and personal trainers in Hong Kong and charge at pay-as-you-go

Our product puts power back in the hands of people, not systems, so that everyone can access quality care at affordable prices.

MixCare Health is now trusted by 3,000+ employees and healthcare partners in Hong Kong including Human Health, HMMP, CJ Dental, Blue, Buyandship, Carousell, Morning Express. If you are interested in MixCare Health, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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