New threat to your dental health – Mask Mouth

Although face masks have prevented the spread of the Corona Virus, it has caused some problems from wearing one for too long. The Mask Mouth, a series of symptoms and side effects from wearing a face book for a long period of time.

Root Causes of Mask Mouth:

Disrupted Breathing Patterns- wearing a mask cause people to breath out of their mouth rather than their nose and therefore reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth.

Dehydration: increases risks of tooth decay and bad breath

Recycling Air – more carbon dioxide is trapped from wearing a mask, increasing the acidity of microbiomes , putting you at risk of inflammatory conditions and infections.

Symptoms for Mask Mouth:

Dry mouth

Bad Breath

Bleeding Gums

How to prevent Mask Mouth:

Focus on your oral healthcare routine: brush at least twice a day and use instruments such as dental floss

Freshen up between cleanings: better to use mouth wash or gums to freshen up your breath in between cleanings

Stay hydrated: cannot stress enough on the importance on staying hydrated through out the day to fight mask mouth

Use a clean mask: this is obvious because it prevents bacteria growth

Visit a Dentist: last but not least you can always contact a professional to tackle mask mouth and ask for professional advice.

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Source: Colgate

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