感謝您參加 MixCare 牙科計劃

– 以下是診所地址,計劃條款及細則


旺角彌敦道 639 號雅蘭中心一期 7 樓 703-4 室
(港鐵旺角站 E1 出口)

預約電話: +852 2866 7455
電郵: mongkok@cjdental.hk
星期一至六: 10:30am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 8pm
星期日: 休息
公眾假期: 10:30am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 6pm


九龍太子道西 141 號長榮大廈 13 樓 I 室
(港鐵太子站 C1 出口)

預約電話: +852 2780 0433
電郵: pe@cjdental.hk
星期一至六: 10am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 8pm
(公眾假期:10am – 6pm)
星期日: 休息



紅磡民泰街 40 號黃埔新邨安華樓地下 K1C 舖
(港鐵黃埔站 A 出口)

預約電話: +852 2760 7010
電郵: whampoa@cjdental.hk
星期一至六: 10:30am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 8pm
星期日及公眾假期: 10:30am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 6pm



屯門啟豐商場地下 46 號舖

預約電話: +852 2613 0308
電郵: brightsmiles@cjdental.hk
星期一至六: 10am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 8pm
星期日及公眾假期: 10am – 6pm




屯門啟豐商場地下 60A 號舖

預約電話: +852 2613 1919
電郵: smiles@cjdental.hk
星期一至六: 10am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 8pm
星期日及公眾假期: 10am – 6pm




北角英皇道 471 號
(港鐵北角站 B 出口)

預約電話: +852 2782 7077
電郵: northpoint@cjdental.hk
星期一至六: 10:30am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 8pm
星期日及公眾假期: 10:30am – 1pm; 2:30pm – 6pm



  1. Appointment is required. Participants have to make an appointment at least 2 weeks in advance. Please inform our dental nurses that you are a participant of the Scheme, and specify your company name, your name, HKID card number as well as your contact number.

    必須預約。計劃參加者在進行任何牙科治療前必須提前至少兩星期致電診所預約。預約時必需向登記護士表明閣下 已參與「思傑牙科–牙科保健會員計劃」,並說出機構名稱、個人姓名、(身份証號碼?)及聯絡電話號碼。


  1. In the event that a member of the Scheme needs to cancel his/her appointment at any clinic, they must do so 1 day before the initial appointment. If you are late for an appointment, you are required to inform the dental center as soon as possible, in such case we may re-schedule your appointment, or we may only perform part of the original scheduled procedure in order to avoid disruption of our original schedule.

    如需更改預約時間,請在原預約時間一天前致電診所通知。請依閣下之預約時間到達該牙科診所。若閣下因事而延 誤到達,請盡快通知該牙科診所,在此情況下,我們可能會重新安排你的預約時間,又或我們可能只執行部分原定 的治療程序,以免干擾其他預約病人的治療。


  1. The scheme is applicable to CJ Dental Care Clinics at Mong Kok, Prince Edward, Hung Hom and Tuen Mun (Smiles Dental Centre) as attached below.



  1. The Scheme is only eligible for the staff and immediate dependents of Mix Solution Company Ltd.

    此牙科保健計劃只供Mixup Solution Company Ltd 員工、會員及其直系家屬參加。


  1. For treatments not covered in the above package, treatment fee is not covered and participant should be responsible for the treatment fee.



  1. For details of the rates of non-exclusive items, please contact us at 2780-1868 or info@cjdental.hk.

    非計劃承保之牙科服務的收費詳情,請致電2780-1868 或電郵至info@cjdental.hk 查詢。


  1. CJ Dental Care reserves all rights on treatment fees adjustment (for treatments not covered in the above package) and treatment price varies among different clinic branches, participants have the right to ask for the up-to-date price list from CJ Dental Care at any time.



  1. Participants are not able to request for a specific general dental practitioner/dental hygienist to conduct his/her treatment.



  1. Participants under the Plan will be required to present his/her HKID Card/Passport upon arriving for each consultation. CJ Dental holds all rights to charge at the original rate if participants failed to present the corresponding document.


MixCare Dental

口腔檢查 / 洗牙服務,只需HK$198

*原價 HK$680


除左身心靈健康之外,牙齒問題亦不容忽視,俗語說「牙痛慘過大病」,牙齒健康出現問題,既影響溝通、咀嚼和吸收營養,牙患嚴重, 甚至潰瘍發炎,隨時損害身體其他功能。有見及此,MixCare推出 免費「MixCare Dental 計劃」,會員只需以3折 ( HK$198) 優惠價享有口腔檢查 及 洗牙服務 (原價$680)

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