2021年員工福利:值得關注人力資源趨勢Employee Benefits 2021: HR Trends To Look Out For






This has changed over time since the Covid-19Coronavirus pandemic with remote working. It is also known as fringe benefits and is now a consideration for companies.

Remote working and flexi-time is a new norm. During the pandemic, the world has faced a lockdown that has seen employees working from home. This is one of the new strategies that allow more work-life balance due to working and living in the same area. It also means greater employee productivity.

On a separate note, working from home requires proper equipment. The standard 9 to 5 may still be in place for some, and approximately eight hours per day would mean a good desk and chair. The work from home arrangement makes it hard for employees to achieve balance. This means they could be less engaging both at work and at home life. Companies are embracing mental and physical exercise by launching wellness programs.

With social distancing in place, meeting up in person has become much more difficult. To expand options for healthcare, telehealth has boomed. This makes it possible to get help while taking precautionary measures. Telehealth reduces strain on healthcare systems by minimising the demand for facilities.

All-in-all, not all employee benefits need to be high cost. There are low-cost or even non-monetary benefits that are non-monetary that can also make a difference in 2021.



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