3個在2021年值得留意的新趨勢 3 Benefit trends to watch in 2021


心理健康已成為僱主關注的重點,而這一個趨勢將會持續到今年, 僱主開始更優先關注員工的心理健康,而且來年將需要做更多的工作。預計在未來幾年中,心理健康將成為一種流行病,僱主需要優先解決員工心理健康的問題。




Considering that the pandemic has brought many challenges to employees. These are the four biggest health and benefits trends that would be expected to define in the coming year.

Mental health has become a greater focus of attention for employers. This trend will continue into this year. Employers are finally starting to pay more attention to the priorities of mental health, but more work will be needed in the coming year. It is expected that in the next few years, mental health will become a pandemic of its own, and employers need to work fast to get ahead of it.

Remote work and flexibility will continue. Of course, COVID-19 has undergone tremendous changes in the workplace, time and methods. Research and anecdotal evidence prove the success of remote work, and employees are happy to choose to work from home. Next year, work from home, technology and other allowances may be needed to attract remote employees’ allowances to play a role.

Will continue to attach importance to nursing support. The pandemic has increased these responsibilities, closing schools, daycare, and aged care facilities, leaving many employees scrambling. It is expected that as employees remain vulnerable to pandemic-related challenges, the focus on care will continue.

We will see more cases in the later stages of disease and cancer. Employees postpone or ignore routine care, avoid seeing a doctor, undergo routine examinations and screen for cancer. As a result, in the next few years, we will find that the incidence of late-diagnosed cancers and diseases is high, and the results are much worse.

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Mayer: 7 benefit trends to watch in 2021


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