2021年香港薪水趨勢 Hong Kong salaries to rise and 64% of companies to hire in 2021





Almost two-thirds of companies in Hong Kong plan to bring hiring back to pre-pandemic levels in 2021. In a further boost to the city’s workforce, salaries are also expected to rise – albeit by an average of a modest 0.8% – although some sectors will fare significantly better.

Focusing on the first quarter of 2021, 63% of businesses plan to freeze or maintain headcounts, while 14% are considering team expansion with more full-time hires. Significantly, employers believe candidate personalities, work ethics and compatibility with corporate culture should also be a factor – in addition to relevant work experience.

While the industries with the biggest salary increases in 2021 are tipped to be analytics (3.8%), corporate sales & business development” (2.4%), education (2.1%), transportation & logistics (2.1%) and information technology.

Compared to 71% in the previous year, only 48% of employers have provided on-the-job skills training. While we understand that employers have to focus resources on dealing with the operational challenges arising from COVID-19, we hope that more efforts will be invested in staff training in order to sustain healthy business growth.

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