2021年預期的三大健康食品趨勢 The Top 3 Healthy Food Trends to Expect in 2021


標準的益生菌飲料,益生菌本質上是吃糖以將它們變成氣泡和有益於人體的酸,即康普茶。 2021年有什麼新發現? Local Roots紅茶菌提供硬的紅茶菌,您甚至可以在Lipton的T-Probiotic茶中品嚐益生菌,這是抹茶,薄荷和益生菌的組合。

享受這些比薩餅,麵食和薯條的舒適食品替代品,可以幫助您在飲食中添加更多蔬菜。根據美國農業部(USDA)的說法,這是因為鷹嘴豆可算是一種豆類和一種蔬菜, 很少有人吃足夠的蔬菜或豆類,根據美國豆類公司的說法,豆類是豆科植物的可食用種子。

您還可以找到來自Evergreen的西葫蘆和胡蘿蔔製成的華夫餅乾,以及來自Do Anything Foods的甘藍香蒜醬和花椰菜醬,如果您想要現成的蔬菜面可以從冰箱中拿出來? Caulipower提供冷凍的紅薯片,您只需將其放入烤箱即可; Green Giant製造無鹽的調味冷凍蔬菜,Bird’s Eye出售冷凍的米飯花椰菜。

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed nearly every aspect of life — and our diet habits were no exception. There was a banana bread baking boom, and, with a temporary shortage of meat last year, you may have given plant-based eating a shot for the first time.

Standard probiotic-boasting beverages like probiotic-rich Health-Ade Kombucha and GT’s Living Foods Probiotic Shots are ready to drink. During the fermentation process, probiotics essentially eat sugars to turn them into bubbles and good-for-you acids — aka kombucha. What’s new for 2021? Local Roots Kombucha offers hard kombucha, and you can even sip probiotics in Lipton’s T-Probiotic tea — a combo of matcha, mint, maté, and probiotics.

enjoying these comfort-food substitutions for pizza, pasta, and chips can help you fit extra veggies into your diet. That’s because chickpeas count as a bean and a vegetable, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). “Few people eat enough veggies or pulses,” says Samantha Cassetty, a New York City–based registered dietitian and coauthor of Sugar Shock. Pulses are edible seeds of the plants in the legume family, according to USA Pulses.

You’ll also find waffles made from zucchini and carrots from Evergreen, and kale pesto and cauliflower Alfredo sauce from Do Anything Foods. And if you want a ready-made veggie side that you can pull from the freezer? Caulipower offers frozen sweet potato slices that you just pop into the toaster oven, Green Giant makes no-salt-added seasoned frozen vegetables, and Bird’s Eye sells frozen riced cauliflower.

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