在2021年嘗試怪異而奇妙的健康趨勢 Weird and wonderful wellness trends we want to try in 2021


伸展運動是最簡單您可以為自己的身體做的事情之一,但是我們大多數人卻做得不夠頻繁。找到附近的練習之後,您所要做的就是躺下(穿上衣服),並儘力放鬆,呼吸和聽取指示。 FST教練可以將韌帶擺動,彎曲,扭曲和旋轉到通常適合成為馬戲團表演者的各種姿勢。


由《 The Flow》一書的作者Alisa Vitti創造,週期同步是一種記錄生活習慣的方法,包括從飲食到運動再到喜好的一切,以與及記錄月經28天週期中整個過程的激素和能量水平的波動。


Instead of tracking our steps, we’re going to try tracking our stress (and learn new breathing exercises for when the inevitable stress descends) and instead of focusing on fitness goals, we’re going to try stretching more—with the help of a fascial stretch therapy practitioner.

Stretching is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your body and yet most of us don’t do it often enough. Once you find a practice near you, all you have to do is lay down (clothes on) and try your best to relax, breathe and listen to directions. The FST instructor will swing, bend, twist, and twirl your ligaments into all kinds of positions generally suited for pretzels and circus performers.

Luckily, the pandemic also forced traditional couch therapy to innovate and broaden its reach, leading to one of the biggest trends of the year: texting your therapist. While we can’t say that texting will or should replace in-person visits, more affordable and easy access to mental health professionals is always a good thing.

Coined by In the Flow author Alisa Vitti, cycle syncing is the practice of tailoring your daily life—including everything from diet to exercise to hobbies—to be in alignment with your menstrual cycle and the fluctuations in hormone and energy levels that happen over the course of 28 days(ish).

Known to pamper sore muscles, help one relax, and even boost creativity, float spas have been around for a while, but if you’ve been stuck in the house with kids for the past year, maybe stillness is what you crave in 2021.



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